A proximity beacon is a device that can calculate how far away you are from it when you have a transmitter of your own activated. This means that you need a gadget of your own that will emit the same sort of signals back towards the beacon. With the help of BLE technology you will get an accurate result, but there are other factors to consider.

A proximity beacon is only one part of the process used by Microcation Services to determine your position. They have a wide range of other sources they use to determine where you are at a specific time and with the help of these beacons they are going to determine a more accurate result. What other sources are used to determine the outcome?

Starting off small should not be your excuse to ignore optimizing your marketing strategies. While there are a number of traditional marketing mediums, what you need instead is a sure channel, one that would connect with your target audience. You should opt for mobile wallet marketing as your new direct marketing channel. Mobile wallet is an emerging social trend that assures a larger outreach to all your potential customers. This could be understood through a store card, where your customer would not have to literally dig into their bags for an extra dollar or penny to pay off their shopping bill. Such store cards call for quick and convenient transactions and is just one example of mobile wallet solutions.

You have been invited to a networking session. This is a great opportunity for you to share your corporate brand objectives and interests with five hundred likeminded individuals. Would you prefer giving away paper business cards or have it sent to them through their mobile wallet? This mobile wallet technology would enable your business card to be sent through an email, SMS or something as simple as passing the same through a barcode. Such cards calls for dual benefits – this could mean that you could have your employee use their digital business card as their building access card. Not having to physically carry a plastic card simplifies access across several departments within.

Apart from the proximity beacon, Microlocation Services also use cellular networks that can offer an idea about where you are. If you keep your phone turned on, you pick up the signal from various antennas placed on top of buildings in various locations. Depending on the antennas you will use, Apple will determine your location at a certain time.

Wi-Fi networks are one of the other sources used to determine your location. If you connect your phone or other devices to the web via wireless networks, these can also be used to determine your location. Since the range is longer than that of Apple Stores iBeacons, the accuracy of the results will not be the one you want based on these sources.

Mobile wallet marketing would call for several advantages, one of which pertains to its distribution costs. You would not have to spend a significant sum, given the fact that you would not have printing expenses. Quick updates and notifications are a few other tactics one would benefit from such marketing strategies. With mobile wallet content, businesses are able to interact and engage with customers at any time and place. Customer loyalty does not happen overnight and requires smart strategizing and planning. Mobile wallet solutions would help businesses find their way through consumer hassles.

Rewards are also a great way to get customers engaged with your brand or ongoing campaign. Something as small as a stamp card could do wonders. Each time your customer collects a stamp, he or she would be rewarded. For example, your client could enjoy a free latte over every twenty purchases. The best part is that stamps work digitally and updated immediately through the device. Customers no longer need to remember to carry their paper stamp cards with them. It does not matter the make or phone model your consumer makes use of. Mobile wallet is universal – whether it’s Samsung wallet or Apple Passbook – either way, it would serve its purpose and increase loyalty.

Global Positioning Systems are also a big part of determining your location. They use latitude and longitude for the results they offer, but the area they cover may also be larger. Even if these sources are not very accurate on their own, when you use them all together with the Apple Stores iBeacons, you will know it is one of best results you can get.

The Apple Stores iBeacons have taken Microlocation Services and extended them into iOS. With the help of an app on the latest version of the operating system, you can use the beacons to find out more details about the locations nearby and they can also learn more about you. It has become a way to exchange information not just a positioning system.

magine having consumers go wallet free. It’s certainly stressful to lose out on a membership card or a smart card you’ve been carrying around for ages. Know your customer and understand what they really expect from your services. Convenience would always top the list and using mobile wallet as a direct marketing channel would satisfy this need. Convenience could take the form of digital event tickets as well. One can imagine the amount of paper consumed for a single event or concert! Digital tickets on the other hand would streamline the transaction process and make it more cost-efficient for vendors. Be on the forefront of technology and begin deploying mobile wallet solutions today.

There are many different uses for this and they range from advertisement to your own safety. You can take the time to learn all the things you are interested in about them, but you should also find out how to use them to your own benefit. If you want to make the most of the perks they have to offer and if you want to rent a few beacons to help you achieve your goals, the first site you can visit for the answers you seek is the one you can find at cubeacon.com.


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