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iBeacon Implementation in Fullerton for Attendance Tracking

Since the last 2016, iBeacon hasn’t stopped in widen their implementation. With iBeacon is stepping in industrial Internet of Things, the application can be started everywhere. For example is in University.

California State University Fullerton has currently implemented iBeacon technology in their classroom to track students’ attendance and location. With iBeacon, the student can track the their attendance by shaking their phone. Of course, it’s using an app.


iFullerton, the official app for Cal State University, will detect student’s location through smartphone’s movement using iBeacon. The device is being used in HIP classes which give student hands-on experiences inside and outside the classroom.

“This new technology allows students to check in and record their High Impact Practice (HIP) experiences. All this information is presented to professors and advisors in a custom report on Titanium in real time. Utilizing these new tools will give professors a new level of interaction with their student,” according to CSUF’s latest annual IT report for 2015-2016.

By 2016, each classroom had been equipped with iBeacon devices. This was the third semester of iBeacon’s use at CSUF. The device was first piloted in fall of 2015 in a small number of classrooms and then expanded the following spring.

One of senior animation students Gabriela Madison uses iBeacon in her Intro to 3D design class with professor Bryan Cantley. The device was first introduced to her when an IT representative came to her class to explain the iFullerton app. She said it is a convenient way to take attendance. The service also provides easier way for professor to take attendance in class.

“In some classes faculty were striking attendance using a paper list and now they don’t have to use that anymore,” said Berhanu Tadesse, associate vice president for Information Technology/Infrastructure Services.

By using iBeacon technology in classrooms, it reduces faculty’s time in tracking attendance manually, Tadesse said.

iBeacon implementation for tracking was not only available in CSUF. There are also iBeacon for tracking visitor in Office and Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif which is using iBeacon to guide fans to concessions stands and restrooms through a mobile app.

Other universities have implemented iBeacon in order to simplify attendance tracking or to provide dynamic navigation on campus. Currently, iBeacon is only being used to track high-impact practice but could expand to all courses in the future, Tadesse said.

source: dailytitan

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