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iBeacon Implementation for Smart City

Several updates have been founded in many ways since Internet of Things comes in real life. The development itself grows bigger each day and causes big benefits for living. Internet of Things will grow as we always need to do our daily life easier. Our step to future life is closer with Internet of Things. iBeacon technology as one of step for IoT is now available to help you ease your life.

There are a lot beacon advantages as sensor, advertisement, microlocation, etc. Here are some places that are suitable for deploying beacon for Smart City:

1. Caution / Notification


Notification feature is meant to alert or inform the citizen about what is happening in the city. Unite the citizens with an update about city’s event and information.

2. Information

Delivering important information will cost less with iBeacon. Important information is directly sent to citizens’ smartphone. It costs less because it only takes Bluetooth.

3. Street Location

City map can be seen through your smartphone. Helping everyone who’s visiting the city for the first time to find the most recommended location.

4. Traffic Light


Smart traffic light can analyze driver who disobey the traffic light. Alerting driver that there’s a traffic light ahead in a notification so they could drive carefully.

5. Highway Access

Paying for highway gate made easy. Log in through an apps and it will be deducted from bank account automatically without lining.

6. Historical Place

As one of most visited tourism spot, giving the best experience to the visitor is a must. Delivering information to the visitors smartphone can be done to create smart experience.

7. Park


Taking a break in the park, visitors can find themselves getting along with smart environment. iBeacon will provide them with information, maps, and details of the park to their smartphone.

8. Bus Stop

Smart transportation can help a city to grow. With iBeacon, receiving bus schedule, or even better, book ticket for your bus. iBeacon will alert passengers when the bus is coming.

9. Mall

With many retailers in the mall, contextual mobile advertising is needed to promote the shop to visitors. Microlocation will also guide visitors to find their favorite stores.

10. Train Station


Smart Train Station is another key to build smart city. Their smartphone will be connected with iBeacon automatically. Check in through a smartphone, visitors don’t have to line up for so long again.

11. Government

To manage the city, iBeacon will tag important spot of the city. This tag will help government to see what is going on in the city. It also helps government to approach their citizen.

12. Education

Students attendance is important to be tracked. To know where the student is can help the school to manage their academic performance.

14. Airport

smart airport

Smart Airport is another goal in a smart city. Greeting everyone who is visiting the city for the first time to their smartphone, receiving flight schedule, and auto check in from location based.

15. Logistic

Delivering goods in smart way. Track the goods being delivered or which goods should be take care of. Only a device is needed to do all at once and iBeacon will make it easier.

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