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iBeacon for Smart City, Implementation and Market Opportunity

Smart City is a hot news in IT world and of course Startups in this way is getting bigger and bigger. Many vendors support this industry also keep growing. Include development of semiconductor in IoT. Just like Texas Instrument, Intel, Nordic, ARm, etc. They are competing to create innovation in this business.

Do you know that Smart City is actually development of IoT? Smart City is one of star in technology because there will be several things can be placed to the way of living. Market sector is mostly to grab.

Smart City is also a solution for government to help them solve social problem. I am not talking about traffic, because it is a different case. Unfortunately, in a country with high traffic jam everyday, people’s responsibility is not technological problem.

iBeacon for Smart City, Public Places and Local Advertising

What is iBeacon technology? If you haven’t understand about iBeacon, this blog has sum up some explanation for iBeacon. Have you imagined in every city corners unite and connected? Example: when you are walking in a park, you receive notification from smartphone about event in your city. Without brochure or flyers that sure will add more pollution on this earth.

When you walk in a store, retail, or market, you can get info or discount from the seller. It will be much cooler if it is integrated in a mall in your city. You can create various apps for them and be the solution of their promotion. This will lead the start of smart city path.

Market Chance if You are in Smart City

If you are a startup and sometime wants to give local solution for your city, or develop your city, now is the right time. Forbes said that more than $1,5 T chances in market. It is all your choice to stay or to start.

Wherever you are, this chance is available for you. If you are ready to grab this chance, You have next opportunity creating big data. I am not gonna talk about big data here, but if you need to know about this big data business, it will be best source of business in 5-10 years from now on. If you don’t start it now, then when?

Cubeacon gives you opportunity in iBeacon integration with your Smart City ideas. iBeacon BackEnd from Cubeacon will ease your integration process of your apps. Makes you faster earn money, and save your developing time.

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tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for Cubeacon.com is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.

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