The Associated Press reports (6/12) that Apple soon launch a network iBeacon in 254 retail stores in the U.S. today, with Apple quietly launched a service update at the Apple Store app to support iBeacon receiver at retail locations.

Official measures and a report last month stating that the integration iBeacon in Apple Stores will be activated via the Apple Store app update, the app now that users can receive push notifications on while in the store.

Apple Store app also gives notifications (push notification) to the device through the use of iBeacons, such as messages about taking orders online and events to be held in a retail store.

Apple launched the use of the system to the media iBeacon when first introduced at WWDC. iBeacon microlocation API designed to access location data via Bluetooth Low Energy profiles on iOS devices that interact with the physical transmitter on a smartphone device. The technology first appeared earlier this year, when Major League Baseball announced plans to start combining APIs Apple iBeacon to to create an interactive experience of the entire audience as they watch in the stadium.

IBeacon works with Bluetooth technology on iOS devices capable of running iOS 7 including iPhone 4S  or later, iPad (3rd generation), iPad or iPad Mini tebaru series, and iPod Touch (5th generation) or newer

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