iBeacon for Hospital services has great multiple functions for many people. These are just a few benefit has been found so far:

1. iBeacon Provides a Mapping and Wayfinding Solution

A key customer service problem for sprawling hospitals and medical centers is wayfinding for patients and families. Hospitals can solve this problem with iBeacon. First, The iBeacon would recognize the location of the patient and guide the visitor through the building on a map. Second, it would tell relevant information where the hospital visitors current place. Third, it would guide them in finding some important places in the hospital such as restaurants, newsstands or gift shops, hours of operation or a special offer could be sent to the phone and pop up on the map.

2. iBeacon Speeds Clinical Care and Access to Patient Data

While security and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) will stand as challenges to a speedy rollout, patient rooms at hospitals could be outfitted with iBeacon and upon entry to a room, a doctor’s iPad could immediately load the patient record on the tablet. This application would speed patient care and increase the effectiveness of clinical staff.

3. iBeacon Improves Equipment Management – Track Location and Position 24/7

iBeacons are small, battery-operated computers that fit in the palm of your hand. Most can run up to 2 years without having their batteries replaced.

4. iBeacon for Hospitals: What is Required?

iBeacon is the next step in allowing businesses to provide personalized content to their customers. A hospital would want to:

  1. Establish and configure a network of beacons throughout the hospital or environment.
  2. Create use cases for how to implement the technology to serve patients and clinical staff.
  3. Develop or extend native iOS or Android mobile apps to receive the content and contextual information provided via the iBeacons.




source: oho.com


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