Apple iBeacon is a system that allows a message sent to the user’s location based on the iDevices. A leak of information related to Android devices that can receive a message with a promo version of Google’s technology, called Nearby.

Reporting from Phonearena, Sunday (06/08/2014), for example, someone in the supermarket look at the frozen food section, can receive a coupon for Swanson frozen turkey for dinner, delivered via his iPhone. At the same time, another shopper in the soup aisle may receive coupons for Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup. Low-power Bluetooth LE helps make it real.

According to a source, this service will be available after the update Google Play. From a leaked screenshot, Nearby allow users to interact with the people, places and things that are nearby. Through this service you can decide devices that can “see” your presence. Such iBeacon, Android handsets with feature may accept advertising and location-based reminders.

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