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Ibeacon Feature along with Bluetooth Low Energy

Apple is introducing their new feature known as ibeacon. This feature is used for indoor proximity system along with low power and low cost transmitter. Apple is trying to use ibeacon to support bluetooth low energy or known as ble. There are several things you should know about this new feature.

How ibeacon works with iOS 7

By using of ibeacon for gadgets by Apple is to notify the nearby iOS 7 devices. It works by sending push notification to iOS device in close proximity. If you are using Bluetooth 4.0 devices with dual mode, you can apply bluetooth le. This feature is applied for several purposes including microlocation and contextural computing.

The Distance and Frequency of ibeacon Feature

Moreover, ibeacon and bluetooth smart is also determined by the type of the distance. The distance here is the distance between the transmitting ibeacon and the receiving device. In this case, there are three different types of distance for chip ibeacon. Those are immediate, near and far. For immediate distance it means iOS receiving an ibeacon transmission only within a few centimeters. Near distance is when the iOS receiving an ibeacon transmission within a couple of meters. Whereas, far distance means that iOS receiving an ibeacon transmission more than 10 meters away. So, how about the frequency of the transmission? Actually, the frequency of the transmission depends on the configuration. The configuration can be altered by using device specific methods. To support the performance of your iOS 7, it is good for you to use this feature or you can also use cubeacon technology. At least, by using this type of technology, you can use a feature known as ibeacon map which can notify the nearby device easily than before. This feature has a direct impact to the battery life but you don’t need to worry because this mobile app context is using low energy technology. Just check the complete information by visiting the official website.

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