You just do soft opening for your store and you need to develop your new store. You really want to attract all customers to come to your store and see all of products in your store. Unfortunately, most people prefer to come to store that offers product for long time than new store. Most people think that new store will offer common product, high price product or other things. You as owner of your store must be able to remove all negative things from your customer and you must show that your store is best store. You should know how to promote your store and all products in your store in effective way. Using brochures and conventional advertisement will not help you to promote your product in effective way. That is why you need to use modern way to promote your product and store. You will get benefits when you use Cubeacon on your store.

Cubeacon is smart device that you can install on your store. This device will send bluetooth signal to all people who also install Cubeacon smart mobile app. It means you can save more time and energy to promote all things from your stores. This device will give you some benefits because you will be easy to send some things below:

– Product Review

First when you use Cubeacon on your store, you will be able to send product review about all products in your store. You can send information about product that is sold with low price, best seller product in this day from your store or other product’s information. You can save more money to send product review because you just need to send to smartphone. It is free solution for you and of course you will be able to send product review to your potential customer.

–  Text/Greeting

It is so easy to make all customers become your VIP shopper. You must know that having good relationship and communication with your customer will increase your profit. That is why you better send greeting, birthday card, attractive gift for your loyal customer. It helps to prevent your customer to always buy all products on your store. Now, sending text or greeting is very easy because you can send it via Cubeacon.

– Best Deal

You never need to always print information about best deal, big discount or attractive offers because you can also tell to your customers about discount from their smartphone only.

When you think you will get big benefit from Cubeacon, you should not think of other solution for your shop again.


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