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iBeacon Backend as a Service – Easy Way to Manage Your Beacon

If you have already heard about iBeacon technology, then Backend as a Service (BaaS) will be similar for you. Backend as a Service is used to manage your beacon devices.  You can set everything you want to do with the beacon in Backend.


Basically, iBeacon is just transmitting signal. Many people are confused about this technology sending message to the smartphone. The Backend is the one who did the job, while iBeacon is only the bridge between Backend and Smartphone.

With Backend as a Service, it becomes easier for user to manage their own beacon. Whether they have technical background or not, Backend as a Service (BaaS) is the easiest way to manage beacon.

The Backend include features that help user increase the customer experience. For retail store the features include all user needs for Contextual mobile advertising or increasing customer experience.

The features are included storyline campaign, Indoor mapping, and push notification.

iBeacon Backend as a Service (BaaS) is made to help the user manage their beacon easily. The storyline campaign features will help user creates their store campaigns and attract customers to get into the store.

Indoor Mapping allowing customer to know where they’re heading when they’re in a store. Most people would get lost entering a big mall. This is why iBeacon is needed to guide the customer. iBeacon is requiring a Bluetooth connection. This will helpful for customer since internet connection is mostly bag in a room.

Push Notification will encourage the customers to buy from your store. With discount and promotion, customers will get back to the store.

iBeacon Backend as a Service features covers almost every needs for contextual mobile advertising. Beside, it is also easy to use even if you don’t have any technical background.

Cubeacon offers iBeacon Backend as a Service with service for contextual mobile advertising. Users can also analyze their market and which product sold out most. Cubeacon Backend as a Service helps retail to engage their customer.

Try Cubeacon Backend here.

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