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iBeacon at Adelaide Zoo will Enhance Visitor Experience

Adelaide Zoo is Australia’s second oldest zoo, and the only major metropolitan zoo in Australia to be owned and operated on a non-profit basis. Located in Parkland, Adelaide Zoo is one of tourism spot which has up to 1500 animals and 250 species of exotic and native mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. It’s even a home of Australian Panda.


This year Adelaide will gives their visitors a better experience by implementing iBeacon technology. The zoo has partnered with Specialist Apps Company to bring content straight to Bluetooth-enabled devices through iBeacon and eLocker technologies in order to offer visitors access to location-specific information about its animals and conservation work.

The beacon will trigger message to the visitors and deliver push notification. It’s also alerting them to points of interest around the zoo and providing interesting and practical information such as species facts, the location of the closest facilities and educational tools. Visitors will be able to download an App and then access a range of experiences at different locations around the Zoo through their Apple or Android device.

The goals of this implementation is that visitors, students or adults, will have access to location-specific information based on video, audio and text-based media. Students will also get learning trails and use their personalized experiences back in the classroom to continue their learning about animals and conservation. It is an interesting way of learning animals since students like to study outside with interactive method.

“The app can be adapted for various visitor types, including general visitors, international tourists and school groups,” Jonathan Noble, Zoos SA Zoo Learning’s general manager said.

“Learning opportunities for students at the Zoo will be transformed with the app to provide an interactive learning experience, including quizzes, games and information.” He added.

Jonathan also thinks that this is an interactive way of learning for students. He saw the new technology as a fantastic educational tool, allowing students to unlock fresh information and use it to learn about important animal and conservation issues. The new technology is expected to be introduced at Adelaide Zoo in the later part of this year with new learning trails added in 2017.

source: CMO.

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