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iBeacon as Mobile Advertising Platform

Mobile Advertising is one of kind advertising in which they are using mobile device to do the advertising. Mobile Advertising stand on its own two legs:  Mobile in general has been the little child of desktop in terms of creativity since its inception.  This heavily started to change and take shape in 2013, with social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter leading the way.  I always like to say that the data normally speaks for itself, and although standard baby banners show some results – new ad units are trumping the results in terms of quality consumers being acquired or engaging with brands.  The rage is all about native units in 2014, which allows brands to simply embed their message into a publisher’s site / app and match the look and feel of the publisher, without being intrusive.  Understanding how consumers interact and the multiple touch points on a mobile device is key.  In 2014 the best brands in mobile will be leveraging data and multiple creative units including Native, Banners, Interstitials, Rich Media, Video, Search and Social to ensure your brand is mobile first.

In this era, Mobile advertising has been growing better and bigger. Many kinds of advertising has ben done by business. Especially in mobile advertising. Mobile advertising nowadays is combined with iBeacon. iBeacon is a technology using Bluetooth version 4. It will connect automatically to the smartphone and with the help of BaaS, it will send information or notification that is set. iBeacon has been used in many retails and stores to improve their promotion or service. iBeacon can be implemented as mobile advertising. As iBeacon is a new technology, there has been many retailers and stores that dare to install iBeacon in their business to improve their service. In this case, retailers mostly use iBeacon technology to do their advertisement, especially mobile advertising.

How iBeacon do the mobile advertising.

It seems like 2014 has begun a tipping year for brands and agencies to finally seriously start thinking about mobile in their marketing strategy.  Globally ad spend jumped by 105% in 2013, and is predicted to climb another 75% this year for a total of $31.5 billion.  The biggest drawback has been marketers getting the education needed for a successful mobile product and a successful ad campaign.  It’s a totally new media channel that requires simplification, engagement, and quick response.

As this is the year of iBeacon, mobile advertising has grown too with iBeacon. Sending notification, offers, greetings, discount, and farewell to your customers. Those are some little things iBeacon can do. Moreover, iBeacon can track and analyze how many people are entering your store or which brand is sold out faster. This service of iBeacon helps retailers to find out what people want most.

Some mobile advertising are so ineffective. Mobile advertising might think that everyone is a possible customers, but it is not. Some people just gonna get annoyed and close the add before they even know what is that. This is wasting retailers’ money.

iBeacon is different. iBeacon transmits signal in a certain range and sends advertisement in its range only. iBeacon chooses its customers directly. If a customers is entering a stores to find a bag, they will come to the bags section. iBeacon that has been installed will transmit its signal and the smartphone that catches the signal will get the advertisement. In a bag section, send advertisement about Bags. Anything about bags such as price, product details, and many more. This will help the customers to choose which product they want to buy.

iBeacon has been making the retailers that install them as a leader. So what are you waiting for? visit www.cubeacon.com to install iBeacon technology into your business. Choose the right Beacon with high quality and low cost with Cubeacon.

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