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iBeacon as Indoor Positioning System

How iBeacon grows as technology that opened retailers mind in the new level of advertising, has changed everyone’s mind in growing iBeacon. This tiny device contains of many benefits that enable business to grow better. iBeacon itself is a tiny device that transmits signal. A smartphone that compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that catches the signal will receive data, information, or notification. iBeacon is using Bluetooth signal.

iBeacon also comes with many features. iBeacon features such as microlocating, geofence, storyline, and analytics can be advantagable by everyone who’s using it. For example is analytics. iBeacon developer can analyze their beacon by using analytic feature. It can track the crowd of each beacon they own. With iBeacon, developer also can track how the customers respond to their advertisement. This can be good for business because they can understand what they customers want. Another feature that provided in iBeacon is Indoor Positioning System.

Indoor Positioning System

Indoor Positioning System is a feature where developer can locate object or people. In this case, iBeacon will help developer to track everyone or everything that is near the beacon. The track is very simple because iBeacon transmit the signal and smartphone that catches the signal will be tracked by this feature. iBeacon developer can notice the traffic or the respond of everyone who received the information or notification.

Indoor Positioning System will also analyze every Beacon activity. Such as how many people pass the beacon this day or what time does the Beacon have most visitors. This eases iBeacon developer to track customers behavior. Indoor Positioning System can also track how far the distance between the smartphone and beacon.

How it works

Indoor Positioning System works with the help of iBeacon. Beacon analytic can be seen in BaaS. If a store installed iBeacon and operating this feature, the store will be able to do the analytics of the customers behavior. The store can analyze which customers are mostly come to your store, What day is your store most visited by customers or which product that sold out faster in your store. This analyze can help the business to grow because iBeacon help them to understand what customers really wants.

On the contrary, Indoor Positioning System is iBeacon feature that make business understand their customers want and develop them better. This simple technology can be found in iBeacon. iBeacon technology has been one of fast-growing technology since its released in 2013. This technology has been implemented in many big companies in the world. It is proven to be helping the companies growing and being one of technological leading with iBeacon. Cubeacon is a one stop solution. Beside We provide iBeacon devices, we also provide BaaS.So what are you waiting for? Visit www.cubeacon.com to get the right Beacon you want. With low cost and high quality we give you the best service!

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