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iBeacon as Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

iBeacon and marketing have become a bestfriend this year. iBeacon casually comes out to the world with their brand new features for technology. Somehow, iBeacon has helped many companies in improving their marketing or advertising. iBeacon made the companies that installed them leading in technology especially in engaging customers.

Many customers have been satisfied with the service that has given by the company who has installed iBeacon in their business. Some of them who has installed the app will got greeting, offers, discount, and details of product. It will make everyone in store that receive the notification engage with what  they are doing.

In this era, Mobile advertising has been growing better and bigger. Many kinds of advertising has ben done by business. Especially in mobile advertising. Mobile advertising nowadays is combined with iBeacon. iBeacon is a technology using Bluetooth version 4. It will connect automatically to the smartphone and with the help of BaaS, it will send information or notification that is set. iBeacon has been used in many retails and stores to improve their promotion or service. iBeacon can be implemented as mobile advertising. As iBeacon is a new technology, there has been many retailers and stores that dare to install iBeacon in their business to improve their service. In this case, retailers mostly use iBeacon technology to do their advertisement, especially mobile advertising.

iBeacon Proximity

iBeacon since its released on 2013 has became one of the most fast growing technology. It is also proven to help companies engaged their customers. As this is the year of iBeacon, mobile advertising has grown too with iBeacon. Sending notification, offers, greetings, discount, and farewell to your customers. Those are some little things iBeacon can do. Moreover, iBeacon can track and analyze how many people are entering your store or which brand is sold out faster. This service of iBeacon helps retailers to find out what people want most.

iBeacon proximity works just like Indoor Positioning System. Indoor Positioning System is a feature where developer can locate object or people. In this case, iBeacon will help developer to track everyone or everything that is near the beacon. The track is very simple because iBeacon transmit the signal and smartphone that catches the signal will be tracked by this feature. iBeacon developer can notice the traffic or the respond of everyone who received the information or notification.

Indoor Positioning System will also analyze every Beacon activity. Such as how many people pass the beacon this day or what time does the Beacon have most visitors. This eases iBeacon developer to track customers behavior. Indoor Positioning System can also track how far the distance between the smartphone and beacon.

Although the technology is still relatively new with physical limitations such as signal strength and materials. additional developments are set for 2015 following Apple’s strategy to make the iBeacon available to the “myriad of physical locations where beacons could be deployed”. The tech giant also has a range of developer kits available to support the creation of additional iBeacon-integrated hardware and accessories.

iBeacon technology has been one of fast-growing technology since its released in 2013. This technology has been implemented in many big companies in the world. It is proven to be helping the companies growing and being one of technological leading with iBeacon. Cubeacon is a one stop solution. Beside We provide iBeacon devices, we also provide BaaS.So what are you waiting for? Visit www.cubeacon.com to get the right Beacon you want. With low cost and high quality we give you the best service!

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