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iBeacon and Food Companies

Digital era has helped us to live easily. With more connection between each other, It seems like today we can do anything through our smartphone. The main thing about digital era is that we can do everything we need quickly. In fact, its practical progress is always win for you who loves to do anything quick.

Most of technologies implemented are making us connected each other and instantly connect to the Internet. With all of these technology around us, it is not hard to achieve what we want. Investing in technology is one of main point in growing some business today. With needs that always improving, technology can be solution to enlarge your business for customers that likes something quick and easy.

One of most heard technologies is iBeacon. Working with Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon will transmit bluetooth signal and deliver message to your smartphone. This technology has been implemented in many of retail stores. Apparently, food companies also using this technology to enhance their service for their customer.

iBeacon and Food Company


Quincy is the first independent supermarket chain in the country to use the technology in all of its stores, including the Sterling and Dixon sites. It is using iBeacon technology as an interactive experience between the grocer and its shoppers.

The beacon technology itself has been helping a lot of retail industries to engage their customer. Their features include contextual mobile advertising, analyze customer behavior, tracking, and enhance shopping experience.

The myCountyMarket app is available for Apple and Android smartphones. The app allows County Market to send personalized offers, location-specific coupons, in-store maps, and sharable shopping lists – all while the customer is still in the store.

Meanwhile in the UK, Hungry House ties up with Fun Bunch sound system that will be used in Notting Hill Carnival. User of Hungry House App will receive extra discounts when they are in proximity of the ‘Fun Bunch’ stage. The Fun Bunch stage will be on the corner of Talbot Road and Sutherland Place.

Mobile signal at the Carnival is notoriously unreliable, Hungry House will be relying on the iBeacon’s bluetooth sensors to engage their users. Hungry House is planning to continue to roll out the technology in a bid to gain insight of their customer behavior and learn when and where messaging is most effective.

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