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How Your Business can benefit from Usage of Cubeacon

Cubeacon is another newcomer in the world of iBeacon, it can be one useful resources for any business owner out there to interact more conveniently with their customer in real-time, and it can also be used to provide a more engaging shopping experience for them. There are a lot of ways your business can have all that and growing more and more in engaging your customers.

First is how Cubeacon can help you with your campaign management, you can create contextual, smart advertisements of your store’s promo with the help of this technology, and it can also make it easier to manage the campaign and spread the word far beyond. This feature will help you form a more special bond with your customer and get their loyalty with special promos they have the chance to know and enjoy in your every store.

The next benefit you can get from using Cubeacon in your business is how you can get an easier access and ways for map management. Again, as part of engaging your customers, you can say words and greetings upon their arrival, dwelling times, and even departure, allowing a more interactive interaction between the business owner and their customers. The next best thing you can have with use of this technology is the analytics, which allows you to have an analytical data on how the visitors react with the campaign of promo that you sent, about the places their visit, along with their movement between venues from outside to the point of sale.

Cubeacon also allows an easier management systems, you can control and manage all your beacons scattered in different places and venues as in they only placed in only a single place. It means that you don’t have to worry about getting bothered in controlling and managing all beacons one at a time, you can do it quickly as if managing only single beacon.

Cubeacon also has simple and easy to be implemented SDK code. You don’t need to be a technology whiz or a great programmer, or hiring one to do the job of integrating apps if you use Cubeacon, as it has simple SDK code that anyone can easily integrate in the apps no matter what the app is. Cloud server is also among the things that Cubeacon is excels at, you don’t need to dedicate a server to store your data, as this particular beacon have it in them special slots for a limitless storage feature.

Apps integration and such is also made easy with Cubeacon, you can get complete package containing a robust platform of beacon with SDK and API already integrated to your app. Next nice thing you can get from the usage of Cubeacon is how you can easily spread word and promote your business with the brochure upload feature. And then last but not least is oAuth security, which ensures you with sound security between exchanged data.

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