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How to Set Your Store Campaign Using Cubeacon

The hype of iBeacon technology has driven marketers and retailers build different experience in shopping. Contextual Mobile Advertising is used to engage customers and increasing sales at the same time. This is some new trend in marketing and customer loyalty.

Well it’s not really that new, this idea has been going for years but it’s innovating since iBeacon is entering the market. Retailers use iBeacon to deliver push notification to their customer or giving promos to the customer. Just like what Mc Donald’s did to their McNugget Sales.

Mc Donald’s used iBeacon for their McNugget promo and increased 7.5% sales. iBeacon technology engaging customers and making them feel special. Started from greeting when they’re entering the store and delivering promos that related to their interest. Customer don’t like spamming. That’s why they don’t open message spamming. But the story will be different if they got message about what they actually want. 80% people will open them.

It’s simply easy to start contextual mobile advertising with iBeacon. All you need is iBeacon and Backend as a Service (BaaS). iBeacon is transmitting Bluetooth signal and any smartphone that caught the signal will get notification. This notification will show in pop up and it can be managed through Backend as a Service (Backend).

Cubeacon is iBeacon device that is easy to use and compatible with Android and iOS. Shape in a small cube, you can place this device in wherever you want. With Bluetooth v4 range up to 50 meters round, It doesn’t need pairing. You can also connect it with Cubeacon Backend where you can get free API up to 250.000. Which means you can deliver message up to 250.000 for free with Cubeacon.

Cubeacon Backend as a Service is also easy to use. The features include storyline campaign, scheduling campaign, data analytic, etc. The campaign you set in a storyline can be in text, image, Video, or URL Link. It’s also available for any iBeacon device. Here are step by step to set your store¬†campaign using Cubeacon in infographic:

how-to-set-campaign-with-cubeacon done

Find out more at www.cubeacon.com

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