All owners of retail shops need to always develop their retail shop’s popularity and profit. As we know when you are not able to develop your business then you will lose all of your customers or buyers and you will not get profit. There is hard competition in this world today and all people always try to earn big profit with all ways and strategies. Most businessmen will hire professional staffs to help them find best strategy to sell all products and get big profit. Unfortunately, hiring professional team to help you will cost high and you must be ready to pay them. You must cut your profit to pay them too. In this modern era, you should not only be aggressive to earn big profit but you must be smart. You must be smart in choosing smart and effective marketing strategy. You must find tool to analyze potential buyers without need to hire professional team.

So, what is your best solution? You just need to use Cubeacon. It is very useful device that will use bluetooth technology. This device will help you to analyze all people who use Cubeacon on their smartphone and then this device will send signal to the mobile device of all shoppers. By using this device, it is very easy to detect all shoppers and potential shoppers of your store. You don’t need to always count all customers or buyers who come to the store. You can analyze what your customer want and need by using this device only.

Cubeacon device will be able to detect and send Bluetooth signal up to ten meters range and it is good tool to help you market and promote your product too. There are some features that will help you to manage your store and increase buyers of your store. For the owner of store,

  • You will get analytic and apps integration so you can check your best buyer. You can send greeting, card, thank you word and some other information about your product to all potential buyers in easy and quick way.
  • You can also get map management and do campaign in very easy way.
  • It is safe and best tool to upload brochures for all buyers for free. You don’t need to waste money to send brochures again.

Because of some benefits that people will get when they use this device, today there are some sellers and buyers who are interested to install this device and install this app in their smartphone or in their store. Sellers can enjoy modern shopping experience too by using Cubeacon.


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