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How Internet of Things Solve Hajj Tracking and Identification

Every year, 200.000 people from Indonesia goes to Makkah to perform Hajj. As a country which most of population is a Muslim, Indonesia has big quota for Hajj prayer each year and the biggest in the world.

This happens each year in Indonesia. This country never absent sending thousands people to Makkah. Hajj itself is a part of worship in Islam and It is a must for Muslim who are able to perform Hajj to fulfill the worship. Which is why Hajj is a life goal for Muslims. Although not every Muslim can perform Hajj because it costs about IDR 35 to 50 Million (around $2000 to $4000).

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With every year many people are performing Hajj, the same problem also happens each year and the problem is likely unsolved. Here are some of major problems that happen:

  1. Jamaah (Muslims who preform Hajj) is often get lost. It happens because they don’t know their location in Makkah and Madinah.
  2. Jamaah is elderly people. The reason behind why Jamaah is mostly an elderly is because to be able to perform Hajj, people need to register since they’re young. This is normal due to many people from other country too who’s going to perform Hajj. Because of they’re elder people, their knowledge about technology such as smartphone or google maps is still not much. Moreover, they have no time to pay attention about that stuff because they want to focus on performing Hajj.
  3. Jamaah doesn’t have an ID Car: It makes it even harder to recognize every Jamaah. Most of them only use a mark like a ribbon or flag colour, and different color of clothes.

Every year, those problems keep repeating and there’s almost no concrete solution from the Government to take action and solve the problem without having any political hands on it.

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Remembering accident in Mina on 2015, where many Indonesian jamaah was died while they performing Hajj. It is also tragic that the body of these Jamaah are not recognized because they don’t have any devices to help other detect their profile

This problem should’ve been done 10 years ago and never happened again. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete solution.


Cubeacon have been innovating to create Hajj Bracelet with GPS+BLE so that Jamaah can be easily identified and tracked if there’s something happens. Including SOS button if Jamaah is in danger.


Unfortunately, 2015 wasn’t our lucky year, We didn’t succeed to solve this problem and still needed to pitch in front of government about this solution. We also often heard of rejection about our technology in their feedback.

With some press releases saying that Cubeacon has concrete solution for this problem for Muslim in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, our goal always has to face problem in politic and bureaucracy of this country, project stealing, and some people who’s stealing idea and make it looks like it’s theirs by removing Cubeacon’s name and took granted with it.

Most of these solution they’re purposing are because of company who competing to solve this problem and hoping for fast and big ROI return. What needs to be underlined here is that this is not about Commercialization problem or profit matters, this is about solving problem that happens every year and taking people’s lives when nobody do something to help.

Apparently, there are people who set up their mind in such a different way with us. We hope next year we can contribute to help our country and Islam solving this problem. I believe we can solve this big problem as long as we’re not focus on money but social impact of this solution.

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