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How Internet of Things Improves Monitoring Retail’s Sales Force

There are many definitions in retail industry, in this article definition I would take is, sales force: someone who’s given a task by his company to deliver the products to retail store. Retail store here could mean many things, It could be a big retail store, even a small in house retail store.

In Indonesia, People are very consumptive and they need a fasr delivery. With 200 Million population (2015), People always wants to buy their needs and they want to get it quick whether in a big retail in a mall or even in house retail store.

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This way, where company distributes their product quickly to the customers, is an effective way to get a customer feed back from their trusted sales force who’s always engaging each retail stores.

One of study cases we can take is salesmen always deliver their product through a courier with motorcycle to fasten distribution. They also want to see their products on the display.

But there’s a challenge on this method. The salesmen breaks KPI (Key Performa Indicator) of their company.

For example in one day they have to visit 20 stores, they have to make sure the stocks in each stores, exchanged expired products, and keeping their brand logos at the store.

There are many salesmen doing mistakes on this part. They don’t even visit the stores and fake the report for their company.

One of methods to make the salesmen reach their KPI goals and companies to know their works real time is by creating a mobile apps. The apps will work whenever the stores have Cubeacon.

When the salesmen are in the stores, they can check in and report their visit to the company’s management system.

This is way more effective than using geofencing at mobile apps, because salesmen still can break the system. With Cubeacon, they have to come to the store then checking in at the stores and visit for minimum around 25 minutes in the store.

In the same time, company can manage their salesmen performance and at every stores. They can decide where’s potential market position and where’s having decrease.

This simple thing can be a optimization method of a distribution process and selling.

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