More and more industries realize the benefits of using ibeacon. On the other hand, there is also people or developer who don’t really sure about this technology. It seems that they think that chip ibeacon is complicated to install and it need a lot of money for the installation process. Definitely, it is totally wrong.

iBeacon for Indoor Location

There is a case that people ask about whether ibeacon works in indoor location. Of course, you can use this technology indoor. Certain industry such as retail industry has been used this product and feel the benefits. If you talk about the range of the signal it will be depending on the intended use and the surrounding. Specifically, the smartphone which has been supported by mobile app context or mobile app location can detect the signal from the beacon around 50 meters up to 70 meters. If it is installed in not a good surrounding, the signal will be easily transmitted to your smartphone in 10 inches.

The Easiness to Install iBeacon

The next question is about how they install the beacon especially if it is in a venue. Does it complicated to do? Again, it is not only a cheap ibeacon but also easy to install product. For your information, ibeacon has been supported by adhesive nanomaterial back surface. Because of that, you can stick the beacon in any kind of flat materials including glass, windows, or wood. Just clean the flat material with warm water before using it and you can directly use the beacon for your purposes. One more thing you nee to know about ibeacon is that the waterproof case. Specifically it is made of soft silicon and you can even install it underwater or outdoor. Of course, the different is only on the strength of the signal. Sometimes, the signal is bad when you are installing it underwater or in rainy area. will help you to buy ibeacon. You can use it for retail or any kind of purposes.


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