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How iBeacon Works in Hotel

Thing such as technology is unpredictable. It can grow faster that anything else when you have not even notice it yet. It turns to be something more powerful and addicting to everyone. iBeacon, one of the most fast-growing technology, has been implemented in many places. Another chance of people getting connected by Bluetooth signal is more possibly happen. So far, iBeacon has been implemented in many places such as store, restaurant, airport and hotel.

Marriott International is giving its loyalty program a heavy-duty revamp with new digital and on-site activations. Marriott Rewards has added two features—LocalPerks and FlashPerks—that build on a program called PlusPoints launched last year that links social media activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to loyalty points.

Participating locations in the LocalPerks portion of the program will send out geo-targeted offers within the hotels. Beacons placed around the lobbies and other areas will push out on-property offers specific to the hotel. To receive these deals, consumers will need to have the Marriott app downloaded and open while on the property.

The flash deals portion of the new program—FlashPerks—rolls out on July 17 and turns reward points into virtual currency that can be used to buy deals and branded experiences. Examples of offers include test drives of Porsche or Lamborghini cars and a discounted rate at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai (which claims to be the world’s tallest hotel).

A number of start-ups such as Jetsetter and HotelTonight have popped up over the past few years that cater flash deals specifically to the hospitality sector, but only a few major hotel chains like Starwood Hotels & Resorts have launched their own flash deals.

Marriott has put a big focus on digital the past few years to build up its loyalty program, particularly with mobile. The hotel chain was one of the first bigger brands to roll out mobile check-in last year.

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