Retail grows larger day by day. This is concerning to the fact that most people are wearing cloth and they want to wear something new regularly. Interestingly, most of the fashion buyers are also the use or smartphone. What is the relationship between retail and people who are using smartphone? It is strongly related especially if you want to try to install ibeacon ble.

Way to Attract with Smartphone to Come to Your Boutique

iBeacon is supported by ble or known as bluetooth low energy. This technology designed with specific signal which will be transferred to the smartphone. This is why people or your customers can also feel the benefits of android ibeacon technology. Actually, they can get the latest update of clothes they want to know. Just consider that most people want to wear the latest design and the only way is seeing the trend. By using ibeacon for android, people can easily get the update whenever they go to your boutique. It is not only the update fashion products but also the special offers from your boutique. The main idea of ibeacon bluetooth is to simplify your business activity. Now, you know the relationship between the latest technology in your retail and your customers who are visiting by using smartphone.

Role of iBeacon for Boutique Business

Don’t get confuse with this ibeacon. What you have to do is installing this app around your boutique. Before that, you just need to buy ibeacon to a reputable store. You can buy ibeacon device online through This website is ready to support you with ibeacon for android and iOS. Then, just inform to your customers that your boutique is using beacon. Let, your customers download beacon for fashion store from iTunes. This is the time when the fun begun. By the time your customers arrive in front of your boutique, they will receive an automatic welcome message from the beacon. For example, there will be a message such as “Hello! We have special offers for you today.” Then when your customers walking through an item they want to see, the beacon will give them a message again. In this case, the beacon will give the information about the specification of the product. You can just put information about special offer such as discount price. In a second, your customers will know this information personally from their smartphone. Let them buy the fashion products they like most and everything will be done with the support of ibeacon devices. Just install several beacons and put it in each of your stand.


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