Traveling becomes the highest attractive activity that all people around the world love to do. Thus, many travel company competes to give the better travel experience. However, not all people in this world have experience in an airport. You might heard your friends and colleague kind of lost because they just follow the direction based on the signs there and probably get confuse about that. iBeacon with BLE technology provides bunch of offers that will help the airport companies to enhance the travelers’ satisfaction.

Here are some benefits you can offers to the travelers:

1. Seat upgradation offers:

Pushing the right offer at the right time has now become more important than ever. To put this to use, you can deploy beacons at various locations around the terminal, such as security gate, waiting lounge etc. The meta-data, including information on longitude and latitude, as well as scenario-specific data such as information on terminal, flight boarding times etc, will be made available at a common airport registry. Your app will then use this information to determine the precise location of the traveler.

Once the beacon data indicates that the traveler has cleared the security check, you can trigger messages offering discounted seat upgrades to business class from economy. In most cases, it’s the beacon data that holds the key to contextual intelligence.  For example, in this case, knowing that your traveler has cleared security helps you ensure that he is more open to considering an offer.

2. Make the security checks service done quickly:

With beacons you can trigger messages asking a traveler to proceed for security check. And while he is directed to the private security channel in real-time via your app, you can trigger another notification prompting him to open his digital boarding pass and keep it ready to be scanned at the security area and also advise him on when the passports need to be presented.

3. Push relevant offers:

Beacons play a crucial role in cross-selling or up-selling various products and services at airports. For example, when a traveler enters the terminal, you can use a beacon at the entrance to trigger different offers based on his/her transaction history, status of his flight and how busy the airport is. Moreover, once they are at the airport, there are higher chances that, travelers may be interested in ancillary purchases such as a day pass to the airline lounge on account of delay of flight or access to priority check-in etc.

4. Real-time navigation:

One of the best use cases of beacon powered mobile apps is floor maps. For example, if a traveler is running late, you can direct him to the nearest security check channel via the shortest routes using your app. Similarly, once a traveler reaches his destination airport, you can use beacons to direct him to the place where he can avail car-rental service too.

All in all, we can see that iBeacon is just not a temporary booming technology but it is absolutely the future for any businesses. Looking to add iBeacon to your business? Cubeacon offers a lot of benefits for you to improve your business and customer satisfaction.

Just simply click our website or go direct to our Contact. We will be very delighted to help you and embrace your business.


Devina is working as Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. Contact her via Twitter (@Dee_Viina) and LinkedIn (Devina Nur Esthining Krida)


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