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How Cubeacon Works in Big Data Analysis

Big Data is going to be one main thing that produce more money for the next continuous years. Approximately, seventy years ago we encounter the first attempts to quantify the growth rate in the volume of data or what has popularly been known as the “information explosion” (a term first used in 1941, according to the Oxford English Dictionary).

big data

Forrester defines “big data” as “techniques and technologies that make handling data at extreme scale affordable”. Despite its simplicity, this definition is not trivial. Forrester asserts that big data is not only technology but also people with the appropriate analysis skills, and makes dealing with extreme scale affordable. By making it cost-effective, more firms can adopt big data to increase their competitive advantage, which leads to more innovation, more supplier solutions, and more momentum, among other benefits.

Big data has come to mean deployment of near or real-time analytics on large volumes of data. All of which has implications for storage, which needs to be able to handle large capacities and provide rapid throughput.

In building big data, we also need the right device. With the right start, we can create a great big data. Deployment also needed in a smart way to read how users are behaving. In Cubeacon that is using iBeacon technology, a simple big data can be created with Cubeacon device.


In an interview with BigBang Show, Kompas TV, Cubeacon explained how it creates big data by collecting user in customer loyalty in a mall. The device also reads users’ detail such as email or phone type, and gives segmented push notification.

The device is placed in every room then from the backend, we can see which place is visited most. The traffic of every area with Cubeacon will be shown up for deeper analytic. That way the mall can see which part of a mall is visited most and what is customers’ favourite product.

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