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How can a Hotel Increase Their Customer Experience

For a hospitality industry, it is important to keep a customer satisfied with services. Giving the best for customers seems easy but in hospitality industry not everyone can accept the same way a hotel treat others.

Communication is needed. To connect and understand every customer that way you can see what they want and make them feel comfortable to come back for your service again.

Here are 3 things you can improve for your hospitality service in your hotel:

1. All in One Mobile Application

Mobile application is an easy way to keep customer engaged. It is simply because everyone owns smartphone and that makes them easier to get any update or information about the hotel directly in their smartphone.

Personalizing every customers are also important. Send them any update related to their location around the hotelsso they can keep entertained.

By using iBeacon as a touchpoint, a hotel guest’s location within a hotel can be captured at any point in time. And with this, a guest’s activity patterns, likes and dislikes can be derived.

For example, data showing which guests regularly visit the gym during their stay can be captured. Similarly, iBeacon could be installed at a hotel’s lobby area, spa, restaurant and swimming pool area to capture a user’s activity patterns. These data points enrich the customer view and open up infinite possibilities for personalisation.

Cubeacon provides iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Our features come with push notification to keep your customer engaged and our Backend comes with analytic that can help you to analyze your customer habit. Trial our feature for free here!

2. IoT Sensors to See What Happen in Your Hotel

Using a temperature sensor and a motion sensor, it’s easy to identify a guest’s in-room temperature and lighting preferences. Furthermore, sensors can be used to track in-room inventory in the kitchen and bathroom so that stock is replenished ahead of time.

Though sensors have been used in hotel rooms for some time now, it’s limited to sensing a user’s presence or absence in the room. But using IoT, sensor data can be stored and acted upon based on a guest’s preferences.

3. Keep Connected

Customers at the point of booking or through the loyalty system usually disclose data such as room type preference. Based on these preferences, appropriate promotions or discount offers can be sent to the customer.

Customer profile data can be combined with demographics data such as economic status and income level to create targeted promotion campaigns. Taking into account a customer’s postcode and average income of a household in their area, they can then be sent vacation offers that suit their budget.

If a user searches for a hotel online, but does not book, a quick response can be formulated in real-time. Suppose a user is doing a price comparison or looking at a hotel to plan for a holiday, by using the 360-degree view, tailored promotions and offers can be created in real-time and sent in marketing emails.

source: information-age

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