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Here Are 3 Important Points for IoT Startup

With half of Startup and Enterprise marching on Internet of Things wave, there has to be a different thing when you are also about to jump into IoT wave.

When most of IoT startups keep pouring ideas about IoT, prototyping, or even building proof of concept for their product, they actually waste chance to hit the market at early stage.

Start-up Business Team Working in Office
Start-up Business Team Working in Office

Based on Sierra Wireless, here are 3 important points for IoT startup for a success IoT product:

1. Security

In a world where new cyber threats emerge every day, protecting communications and data confidentiality can’t be an afterthought. Nor is security just an additional feature in your requirements. The safety and security of your data is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. You need to be thinking about security holistically: from the device, through the network connection, to the cloud, and through to the end-user
applications and enterprise systems.

So make sure that security is in your product. No matter how great your product or solution, If it isn’t secure enough, your customers won’t trust you. And customers’ satisfaction is the main key of your product.

2. Scalability

It can be tempting in the early design stages to leave scalability considerations for later and just focus on building a proof-of-concept. However, that can be a big mistake. Many companies have found themselves spending months prototyping, only to realize they have to restart the design process from scratch to meet the requirements of a larger-scale deployment. You should be thinking about scalability from the outset, and making choices that will allow you to move from design to prototype to wide-scale deployment fast.

Don’t just be focus on prototyping. Throw your product to your customers once you think it’s suitable. Their feedback should be your consideration for your next step and help you grow better.

3. Time-to-Market

Before embarking on your IoT journey, know what existing or new applications you’ll need to plug data into, what infrastructure you’ll have to add, and what skill sets you’ll need to manage the deployment. Adding wireless connectivity, integrating different systems, and developing new applications can all be complex and expensive if you
choose to do everything yourself. Historically this has taken years. Fortunately, the IoT world is more mature than it was a few years ago and you no longer have to develop expertise in all of these areas on your own. In fact, the key is to leverage IoT partners to take on most of the integration and connectivity efforts, while you focus on building a great application or solution.

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Our product can help marketer to analyze and find out what customers want and make them decide the next step of their market target. We are also able to be you best companion in office and tracking whoever to visit the office. When most of office doing the check log with finger print, beacon can scan massively and deliver real time result to the backend. Another solution we provide is to provide a paperless transaction in airport, help passenger to find the right gate and digital boarding pass directly in their smartphone.

Providing analytic in our backend, Anyone can see what’s going on around their implementation and decide the next step. We also give free trial for you in our Backend to see what you think about it. Try it now here!

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