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Grocery Shopping with iBeacon and Apple Watch

The widening of iBeacon functionality has been one of major subjects for iBeacon developer. Many creative mobile apps have been created to enlarge iBeacon development. Beside iBeacon and its main functionality in microlocation and delivering notification, iBeacon developer has widen its functionality through apps. It is not only about marketing or advertising anymore. The latest iBeacon developer has been developing an apps that can help you lose your weight.

This app can work with iBeacon and it will show you about your foods’ ingredients. It will show you about calories and remind you about your meals. This app can help you control your weight by showing you calories needed by your body. If you are hitting the limit of your weight, this app will alert you too. This pretty much handle your weight.

By that creative apps, we can see that iBeacon has shown us bigger function. This function will help customer to do their grocery shopping. Most people that have to do grocery shopping forgot one or two items. The new apps from iBeacon developer, allow user to do grocery shopping through Apple device. In this case, Apple has developed this app in Apple Watch.

inMarket, which helps companies develop iPhone apps that use iBeacons, has a new software development kit that can let the Apple Watch do some interesting things with iBeacons. Developers will be able to integrate their Apple Watch apps with List Ease, inMarket’s shopping checklist app.

You can have a grocery list stored in List Ease on your phone. When you walk by an iBeacon in the store, it could send your Apple Watch a little “buzz” alerting you that you’re close to one of the items on your list, and the watch could show a simple “short look” alert.

When you lift your wrist, it would show you the relevant nearby items with a “long look.” If you select it, it could show you the full list. Here’s inMarket’s example:


The Watch could flash a limited-time promotional offer for a product you’ve bought before when you get close to it in the store. inMarket is aware that people don’t want to be bombarded with alerts, so customers using an Apple Watch app supported by inMarket will only receive one alert per app per visit.

While this is a pretty limited use case, it begins to show how the Apple Watch might change how we do things. It was hard to imagine all the apps that the iPhone would enable when it first came out. The Apple Watch will evolve in exactly the same way.

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source: businessinsider.

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