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Greeting Holiday Season, Apple’s iBeacon Grows Everywhere

December is here! Which means Holiday season is coming!

Holiday season has been one of the most promising targets for Market and business. Many people wants to buy presents for Christmas for their relatives. Shoppers like to come to store to buy some stuff as a complement for their holiday.

In this case, no wonder if many retail businesses are competing  gain customers and improve their selling. The vast majority of shopping is still done in stores. E-commerce is fast-growing but accounts for only about 9 percent of total retail sales, according to Forrester Research.

iBeacon is one of the many ways of marketing in business. Its effectiveness help every people notice what they want. It can guide you to a place you wanted to or find the things you have been looking for. Between July and September, 30 percent of shoppers who received a “push-ad” from an in-store beacon used that offer to buy something, according to a survey by Swirl, a marketing technology company that has worked with retailers such as Lord & Taylor, Hudson’s Bay, Alex and Ani, Kenneth Cole and Timberland to deploy beacons.

“The app knew I was in the store and actually suggested a product I wanted,” said one of the customers. “The experience was great but also a little unnerving in the sense that the store knew who I was and that I was present in their location. It felt a little Big Brother-like.”

The thriller is that everyone feels like they are being watched. And that’s the challenge. Not everyone is thrilled that a beacon app is monitoring them when they walk around with their cellphone. Outdoor advertising firm Titan drew such outcry last month when it installed beacons in phone booths in New York the city had to take them out.

Transparency is key, says Rob Murphy, Swirl’s vice president of marketing.

“Now it’s pretty standard if anybody is doing this type of marketing to specifically ask for permission,” he said. “You have to request an opt-in for location services and in-store push notifications.”

“You can’t be interruptive or intrusive, you have to be positive and helpful,” said Alexis Rask, chief revenue officer of Shopkick, whose app is also used by teen retailer American Eagle to provide welcome messages, merchandise tips and styling guidance throughout its nearly 1,000 U.S. stores.

That appeals to Dan Reich, 26, who works in health care in Washington, D.C.

“I wouldn’t mind letting a retailer know my location if it meant I’d receive coupons or benefits when I’m in the store,” he said. “This type of data is collected when we sign into Facebook or Twitter or any other social media application. I’m essentially already providing that information, so I might as well get something out of it in the process.”

Despite them all, iBeacon has been profen in many company to be tha most helpful device in growing their business. Many customers feel satisfied and close with the service because iBeacon send information directly to smartphone which can make the promotion not miss its target. Install iBeacon now. Choose your right iBeacon device in www.cubeacon.com and grow your service bigger.


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