If you have a shop, you should be prepared to be working with many parties. However, the most important thing is to develop your business with the context and concept of technology. iBeacon will take you to understand the importance of the future of the business and shopping. In just a few steps, you are ready to enter a new stage in developing the idea of shopping. Also, you can attract more customers in just a few months. Surely, it must be balanced by the quality of your products. So, what is offered by iBeacon?

Smart Advertising

Each store definitely need advertising. And iBeacon can give a guarantee that you will not miss this opportunity. In fact, you can develop a network of effective advertising. In just a few weeks, you can expand the concept to your store. Looks like this will be easier if you already have the best products that are reliable quality and stock. So you just need to offer it in the proper advertising mechanism. And no one can be denied of success to turn your store into a more perfect idea.

Best Features

Indeed, there are many features offered by iBeacon. And it would be very appropriate to support your needs in business. Each feature can be optimized so that we can reach the target gradually. One example is the feature product information can be accessed via Bluetooth. With a gadget in hand, a customer can access information about the product that is nearby. Also, it can be traced to the following information. Whatever is needed by a customer, a store should always prepare as best as possible. Thus, we can also develop this feature for other purposes. iBeacon have realized the importance of the connectivity of a product so that the information can be accessed and shared to the public in detail. It is one of ease for a promotional event for you. And you do not need to budget because the customers are actually promoting your store.

Great Payment

Just as with the latest facilities. Each visitor can make payments easily. Now, every store should have been providing this service for the buyers. And mobile payment is one of the best facilities provided by iBeacon. Also, this has been recognized as a reliable facility for a variety of transactions. Well, that’s some concepts and technological advances to business context. Together with Beacon, we can develop all of them easily.


tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for Cubeacon.com is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.

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Smart Ways to do Shopping Activity with iBeacon · August 1, 2014 at 10:46 am

[…] Cubeacon will give you detail information about advertisement and promo product that you need. With this detail of information, you will be able to enjoy all things that you want easily. It is obvious that your shopping time will become fun and simple to do. If you are planning to travel in foreign country for business trip, it is indeed that Cubeacon must be applied in your gadget. With the presence of this device, you will be able to find that it is easier to do your shopping activity from now on. You can get it with the feature of context mobile apps. […]

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