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Getting to know the iOS’s iBeacon Closer

Ibeacon iphone app is the latest release from iOS. The iBeacon itself is a mechanism that uses indoor proximity to detect and extract data. There are also other applications that iOS has recently released into the market like the Health Kit. However, it all comes down to one feature: the operating system itself. If you are wondering what is ios device the answer is easy. It is the manager of the basic functions of your computer or in this case, your mobile device.

iBeacon implements Bluetooth Low Energy to operate and is used in various sectors of services like in grocery stores to retail apparel shops. Cubeacon is a leading technology developer that uses the best features of iBeacon to help you develop your business. The following are features of you can study to get to know more about them.

Oprtimizing features of iBeacon

Using the feature of the Bluetooth Low Energy, your store transmits data to the holders of smart phones entering your store. As soon as they connect with your data they will receive all sorts of information that on products that you have in your store. This makes it easier for them to get to know what you are selling without the hassle of asking your staff every now and then. Enter any information you wish ranging from features, price and ingredient of products as well as promotions that are available that day! This feature allows a better connectivity between you and your customers. They receive the ease of information they need and the flexibility of shopping without being tailed!

The iBeacon truly is the mobile marketing solution that your business can benefit significantly from.

Comparison to Estimote

The Estimote functions the same way Cubeacon does. However, there are slightly different features that make them different. The Estimote functions to release signals within an indoor space whereas the Cubeacon offers a way of evaluating your business through the interaction that is created between you and your customers. It measures sales, interaction and various data to give you an up-close look into your business performance.

To conclude, the iOS is an extremely important element in business performance as a whole as they have given birth to applications iBeacon. However, what is just as important to note are the various marketing services that help you make the best out of the iBeacon features. By working with the right team you can enjoy better and more sales in the long run.

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