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Get iBeacon UUID, Major, and Minor with Cubeacon Locate

iBeacon since its released by Apple on 2013 has become one of the most fast growing technology in the world. By using Bluetooth Low Energy it will transmit signal and send notification or information to every smartphone with the help of Backend as a Service. iBeacon has helped many business in this previous year. Some companies trust iBeacon to help their advertisement or engaging customers with their service.

iBeacon works with Backend as a Service (BaaS). BaaS will store your data that you want to show and Beacon will recall the data that you saved and send it to the smartphone that catch beacon’s signal. iBeacon  can connect well because it has UUID, Major, and minor that had set in Backend as a Service. But what if you don’t know the UUID, major, minor of your iBeacon device? Which means you cannot use your iBeacon.

Cubeacon Locate helps you to find out your iBeacon details. You can see UUID, Major, Minor of your iBeacon device with Cubeacon Locate. Download Cubeacon Locate in Play Store or App Store. Cubeacon Locate will help you to recognize your Beacon in details. Especially UUID, Major, Minor to be put in BaaS.

Open Cubeacon Locate, then choose Locate Beacon. Click on a beacon that’s detected. Then you can see the UUID, Major, and Minor of your Beacon. Cubeacon Locate will detect every iBeacon device around you. It is not limited to Cubeacon only, Cubeacon Locate will detect every iBeacon signal that caught by your smartphone.

Download Cubeacon Locate in Play Store or App Store and get to know your Beacon device.

iBeacon technology has been one of fast-growing technology since its released in 2013. This technology has been implemented in many big companies in the world. It is proven to be helping the companies growing and being one of technological leading with iBeacon. Cubeacon is a one stop solution. Beside We provide iBeacon devices, we also provide BaaS.So what are you waiting for? Visit www.cubeacon.com to get the right Beacon you want. With low cost and high quality we give you the best service!

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