All people always want to eat new food. They will want to try something new when they are going to mall and they see soft opening of restaurant. For the owner of restaurant, attract people to come and try all foods in their restaurant is important. The owner needs to not only attract people to come and try but come and try again in the future time. Attracting people to come to your restaurant must be done by using smart strategy. It is not only about your delicious menu in your restaurant. People will never know about taste of your food when they just see your restaurant and they don’t enter your restaurant. In this modern time, you will be able to attract people and ensure them to enter your restaurant because you offer delicious foods. If you really want to promote your restaurant and all foods, you must know more about Cubeacon.

Cubeacon is new technology of ibeacon bluetooth that will meet all benefits of signal transmission. This device will be able to detect people who use Cubeacon application in smartphone and the signal will be sent to cubeacon in your restaurant too. What are some benefits that you will get when you use this technology?

There are some features that offered to you when you use Cubeacon. First you will be easy to know all people who search information about your restaurant. It means you can find your potential target. Second, you will be able to advertise your restaurant and all foods without need to print brochures or use other way that will waste your money. What you need to do is just sending all promotional codes, new menus, attractive discount in your restaurant, review of people who have already tried to eat all foods in your restaurant by using Cubeacon to all peoples’ smartphone. It is very easy way to promote your restaurant without need to waste time and energy.

All of people will want to come to your restaurant because they get detail information about all menus, discounts that they will get without need to enter your restaurant first. When you want to make your buyer feels happy you can send greeting to their smartphone too by using this technology. Increasing your restaurant’s popularity is so easy when you know about Cubeacon. You can install Cubeacon device in your restaurant ad start to attract people to come to your restaurant now.


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