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Geofencing technology from iBeacon

Apple finally officially activate iBeacon technology in the Apple Store hers. In fact, the technology is controversial because it looks like stalking what people do.

The technology developed by this iSpy will track what a person sees when walking around the Apple Store. By doing so, Apple salesperson will be able to offer the right product to the customer.

This technology will be very helpful in increasing the sales of Apple products. This is because these technologies will provide product recommendations that have not purchased one from there.

The technology itself uses Bluetooth to track the user’s position which brings Apple gadgets at the Apple Store. This is because GPS technology can not be used indoors.

To be able to use iBeacon, as reported merdeka.com, users should be aware of installing applications that are already available in the App Store. Later this app will ask the user to allow him to keep track of their position.

If it does not want to being followed, then just turn off location tracking and iBeacon will not be active

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