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GameStop Boost Their Customer Engagement With iBeacon

GameStop, a video game and electronics retailer with thousands of locations in the US, as well as posts in Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, isn’t threatened by showrooming or e-commerce, says Charles Larkin, GameStop’s senior director, Technology Innovation. The retail chain has built such an army of in-store tech and human touchpoints that it has, in a sense, reversed the showrooming equation.

As evidence of its victory against showrooming, about 80 percent of surveyed GameStop customers say they plan on visiting a store to purchase a product they saw online with GameStop, Larkin says. Helping create these in-store victories is a combination of factors including various value propositions, an expert, social-media savvy staff, and digital technology beacons, which Larkin suggests, is just the beginning.

So what is the secret of GameStop until they made their customers keep coming back again? There should be a strategic in-store experience for the customers in GameStop.

Charles Larkin, Senior Director at GameStop said, “Our store associates in our test market are creating social connections directly with customers. When there are products that these associates are excited about, they’re able to post trailers or event information online. They’re able to talk about it in their authentic voice.”

“We only have beacons in our test markets in Austin and surrounding areas in Texas. We’re testing all sorts of different experiences right now. I would say the thing that got us really interested was the ability to actually create a mobile user experience around beacons. We wanted the beacons to unlock content and exploration of the store.” Charles added.

iBeacon that has installed at the GameStop will let the customers receive notification, browse the deals, watch trailers, look at game ratings and write reviews for the game. GameStop also going to augment their ability to research in the store and do that in ways that they as a company don’t offer anywhere but in that store right now. They want to reinforce those same reasons customers came into the store once they’re in the store.

“When you think about the beacon experience at GameStop, and if you were to visit one of our stores in a test area, when you walk into the stores the beacon it’s mounted over the shelf with branding over it. It’s got a two-foot sign next to it that describes how it basically downloads an app, and how to hold your phone up to it and save money. It knows what you’re shopping for and it can then show you on the screen a list of those relevant offers that pertain to the approximate section of the store that you’re shopping and then offer you the ability to research the products within those promotions.’ Said Charles.

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