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Frunk Singapore: Put iBeacon To Solve The Ineffecient Serving

Can you stand with a crowd in your favorite restaurant which mostly frustrate you? When so many people there and ordering food at the same time? And sometimes you don’t get seat even you spent half hour to make queue? The worse part is you will be presented the menu and it take another 20 minutes to serve your orders. All people ever had this experience. And it is definitely waste people time.

iBeacon with Bluetooth Low Energy technology brings new dining experience to customers at a restaurant in Singapore called ‘Frunk‘. By serving an app ‘Frunk‘, this restaurant provides solution for those problem and makes new system in ordering food there.

Frunks allows the customers to order their food by bringing menus to them directly even they still stand outside the restaurant.

Customers are able to download Frunk onto their mobile phones. With the app, customers are able to view the restaurant’s menu and make decisions about their order while still in the queue and/or traveling down. The moment they are seated at their table, all they need to do is tap their phone to the sticker on the table and their order will be sent instantly to the merchant.

It is time saver. And the good thing is the order will not be able to be sent except the customers seated at their table there.

Frunk is one of the many companies around the world attempting to bring Apple’s iBeacon technology to the mass market. While another restaurant in German called Mook also trial iBeacon there to raise the customers loyalty.

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