From the mall to the airport lounge and into your luggage, and even to toilets, iBeacon technology will follow and guide you everywhere. The expectation for the future of iBeacon in which it is not only wide chains that drive a new idea and innovation for the smart hotel, but also the giant Airbnb.

At the Airport

The FlyBeacon concept and idea to reinvent the airport is to provide the traveler with WayFinding indoor service, and nearby promotional offers based on their proximity. This improves all the travellers’ experiences by guiding them to their gate (indoor GPS), informing them how much time they have (reducing stress), security wait times, and also offering discounts and relevant information based on their locations.

The beneficial opportunity for Emirates Airlines.

Every passengers’ luggage is also been tagged with beacon, thus it is possible for the travelers to get notification at that time their checked luggage enters baggage claim, until their arrival destination. Another possibility is for the airports’ agents to be alerted if a piece of luggage falls away their one of their sorting belts or baggage carts (which will now be completed with a sensor). In fact, 25 million checked bags go missing every year and the solution of FlyBeacon will drastically reduce this number, improve efficiency, and fulfill passengers’ satisfaction.

According to the report written by Doug Thompson, the team proposed that the data that could be collected includes:
• Behavior Analytics (at Airport) – Footpath – Consumer Patterns
• Purchasing Activity – Consumer Promo Redemptions (at Airport + City)
• “Smart” Luggage Stats (at Airport) – Location – Alerts – Baggage Claim
• Feedback – Customer Satisfaction Data

This is not only a simple project. In fact, we know that several projects has proved the iBeacon technology such as Japan Airlines, easyjet, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. And they still keep developing this technology to improve their services to the customers.

Whether beacons can prevent the delayed flight, which probably the ultimate aim, keep believing on it.

Can Cubeacon expand the travel industry in South East Asia? Particularly in Indonesia, with 82million internet users, it will be a great potential business market for everyone. Now we are working on progress to develop our technology to ease overall people area. In the future, Cubeacon would be in every business sectors. The aims are giving the customers satisfaction, developing the business market, and taking a part in growing the economy sectors in South East Asia  and indeed Indonesia.


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