There is a significant improvement in business technology. One of them is the use of ibeacon technology. If it is your first time knowing about ibeacon, you can just learn it in detail here. You can learn about how ibeacon bluetooth works as well as the application of this technology to support your business.

How iBeacon Technology Works

For your information, ibeacon is using bluetooth low energy and it works to support your android or smartphone. In specific, ibeacon device send a signal to your smartphone. As the result, you will be interacted from your smartphone. Before that, you have to make sure that you have specific android ibeacon apps. Thanks to ibeacon for android because retailer can support their customer better and faster. In this case, the retailers can stick the ibeacon bluetooth ble around their store. By the time a customer with apple ibeacons ios 7 apps in their smartphone, they will get the signal. The signal is in the form of important information about your store, products and services. The detail of this technology can be read below.

Application of iBeacon Technology

You need to know that Macy’s Inc is considered as the first store which apply ibeacon technology. They buy ibeacon and put it around the store. By using this technology, they can significantly increase their service. This is concerning to the fact that the signal is easily transffered the important information. The important information is including information about latest products, latest services, and interesting offers. The trading can also be done by using their beloved smartphone. In this case, the ibeacon android will send the offer and the smartphone users just need to take action whether they accept the offer or not. If they accept it means they have a product to buy and if it is not it means they can go to the next offers. Now, you have the same opportunity just like Macy’s Inc. You can also develop your business along with ibeacon. Just visit to learn more about ibeacon as well as the maximal application for your business. The price is affordable and soon you can get the benefits from the application of this technology. The most important of this device is that you don’t need to inform important directly to your customers. What you need to do is entering the information to this tiny device and let ibeacon devices work spread the information to the smartphone users. Just visit the website right away and start to improve the technology of you business.


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