Every day we can count how many people who come to grocery store and buy so many products from grocery store. You can imagine how much money that grocery owner will get every day. In our city, we can find so many grocery stores and we sometime feel so confused to choose best grocery store to buy all products that we need. People usually will go to grocery store that is located near their home because it means they can save more time. Second, people usually will choose to go to grocery store that offers complete products because they don’t want to come to some stores to find product that they need. Third, they will choose to come to grocery store that offers discount or best quality product with low price because they really want to save money.

Unfortunately, not all grocery store has website or blog so they can tell to all people about best product in their store and price of all products in their store. Some grocery stores will send product catalog but sometime people don’t have enough time to read product’s catalog. Now, it is time for you to think about new technology that will help you to save more time. Cubeacon will give advantages for buyer and seller. What are some benefits that will be got by buyer in grocery store?

When you are buyer, you will be able to get detail information of all grocery stores in your city that offers you best quality product with affordable price. As we know price is important for all buyers. Buyer wants to compare price of product in some stores and then they will come to store that offers lower price. When the store is connected with Ibeacon app and when you install Cubeacon device and create app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you will be able to see all product’s prices from grocery store in very easy way. You can choose which product that you will buy and the product must be suitable with your budget.

When you are seller, you can save more money to promote your store and you don’t need to print product catalog or send brochure to all people in the city again. You can count how much money that you can save when you use Cubeacon. There are some features of Cubeacon that will give you benefits too such as Mobile Payment. It helps you to easy control all people who shop on your store and all buyers will feel so happy because they can buy all things and pay all products from all places too.


tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for Cubeacon.com is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.


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