The emergence from Ibeacon technology is one of the biggest innovations from Bluetooth technology. With this new technology, now every smartphone user can know more information, especially the location share based information. Cubeacon presented to the markets as the answer for everyone needs for this information, mainly for retailer consumers.

Cubeacon Functions

Cubeacon is integrated in the beacon, the essential part in order to make the Ibeacon technology works well in the smartphone. By installing this device on your shop, you can get many benefits from its function, such as Smart Shopping Location (so your stores can be found by everyone), Smart Mobile Apps (help everyone know your store’s promotions and new product advertisement), Mobile Payment (so the payment can be easier), and the others. In other way, you can conclude that by installing this, everyone around your store’s environment can know directly the promotions from your store, and attract them to purchase the items in your store. Sounds great, right?

Cubeacon Features for Seller

There are so many features for Seller. First, you can handle many cubeacon products in your store with one simple cloud system management. It will become efficient, especially for promote the items in your store. Second, with its advanced technology in range, around 10 m for each cubeacon product, your promotion can be very effective. Third, with its strong transmitter, everyone can go to your stores easily, even the new customers! Fourth, with its analytic system, your cubeacon can give some greetings to loyal consumers, that will makes them happy and always love the products from your store.

Cubeacon Features for Consumers

As the consumer, of course they also get some benefits from cubeacon. First, it’s about the availability of the products. A consumer will definitely know where is store that sell things that he/she wants because of notifications in his/her smartphone. Second, he/she can update their information and definitely grab the new products or get promotional things after read the notifications in the stores around. Third, he/she can get specific information about their favorite products, including the price, color, size, etc. Amazing, isn’t it?

We can say that these Cubeacon products are really perfect for you that want to have many loyal consumers in your stores. If you want to add the probability of success for your store, always provide the best service for your consumers. In the end, they will always come back to your stores, especially after read notifications in their smartphone about your promotional or new products. Give Cubeacon a try and grab the good result!


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