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Enhancing your Business through iBeacons

Apple is a leading technology brand as they create apps through their operating system, namely the iOS. Not long ago, the iBeacon was introduced into the market and has ever since been further developed to help business owners improve their performance as a whole. They are now available in neighboring operating stores like Android hence is not limited to Apple users only. How can business entities benefit from the iBeacon application? The following passages will explain to you.

Advantages of the iBeacon

Cubeacon is a team that dedicates their service to helping business entities sell and profit more with effective mobile marketing skills. Through the use of the Bluetooth Low Energy, data and any information of your choice, is transmitted to customers that enter your store through their smart phones. Whether they are shopping for a fresh load of groceries for the week or a new pair of trousers for an upcoming event, the beacon will pass information through to them. You can easily let them know where the new arrivals are located or what sales are available. Your customers can easily download this application from application stores or look up ibeacon app store.

How it compares to Gimbal TM

Although Cubeacon has a strong dedication for supporting business entities with mobile marketing solutions, they are not the only ones out there. Another actor you can get to know is Gimbal TM with its feature of being responsive to customer interests. This means that the information that will be displayed and highlighted is those that are in line with their best interest. This makes information-sorting more effective and less time consuming. Compared to this, Cubeacon has the upper-hand of being more packed with features. Provide various options your customers can choose from like reviews, additional images and even pay using your phone! Cubeacon truly brings shopping to a whole new level.

To get started, be in contact with the team. Get in touch by accessing their website at cubeacon.com and reveal the many hidden opportunities that are now within reach. A simple download is all that it takes. A soaring business is one that is most equipped with the needs of today’s customers. Being equipped with iBeacon technology you make your business stand out. Along with this is the inevitable fact that customers love being given opportunities to choose from. Cubeacon may well be your key to a business revolution like no other.

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