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Eddystone – iBeacon on the Next Level

Eddystone is an open format from Google that takes the primary capability of beacons—their ability to broadcast a unique number via short-range Bluetooth signals—and extends it to an impressive degree. What does that mean? Here are some differences of Eddystone and iBeacon, the well-known beacon format from Apple.

  • iBeacon is Android and iOS compatible, but native only for iOS. Although there is Android version, it doesn’t work better as in iOS.
  • Eddystone is Android and iOS compatible, and may be a native part of the upcoming Android M release
  • iBeacon is simple and easy to implement
  • Eddystone is flexible and opens new possibilities, but is more complicated to code
  • iBeacon is not open source—the specification is in Apple’s hands
  • Eddystone is published openly on GitHub
  • iBeacon broadcasts a unique ID number
  • Eddystone broadcasts three different packets: a unique ID number, a URL address, and sensor telemetry

Take in the broader set of data you can broadcast with Eddystone-compatible beacons. You have the capacity to broadcast URLs directly to users’ smart devices, or take temperature or other sensor data from beacons and broadcast it to smart devices for a variety of uses.

Google has done more than that. This week, it also launched two new services: the Nearby API and the Proximity Beacon API.

The Proximity Beacon API is a Google-sized solution for a problem many other businesses have tried to solve: How does a developer manage all of the data involved in working with beacons and smart devices? They’re hardly the first ones to present a solution for this (every beacon manufacturer worth their salt has developed its own approach), but Google is making their own attempt at being the one API to rule them all.


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