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Tulip Land “Fluwel’s Tulpenland” in Dutch Using iBeacon to Attracts More Visitors

Theme park “Fluwel Tulpenland” in Dutch is setting iBeacons to guide visitors around the park with correct information. It tells exactly where the visitors location there.

Fluwel’s Tulpenland — a theme park whose name translates as Tulip Land, where located in in Sint Maartensvlotbrug, North Holland is dedicated to showcasing the country’s famous flowers — will be employing iBeacons to provide visitors with useful information and also educate them about tulip in detail. This will make Tulpenland Europe’s first theme park (although almost certainly not the last) to utilize the Apple technology.

Starting from March 29, when the park opens, visitors will be able to download a special app, which will then let their iOS devices receive relevant information on displays — providing context-specific information on each park section as visitors come within a certain proximity of iBeacons. This new technology will help the visitors to understand what they are looking throughout the park.

The theme park is hoping that using the technology will help to attract more visitors.

source: cultofmac.com

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