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DTJax App is Stepping to Jacksonville

The DTJax app for iPhone is designed to offer more information about businesses including restaurants and shops. Developers hope users will be able to explore and experience downtown Jacksonville on a whole new, interactive level.

Justin Kane, CEO and co-founder of ifTrue Solutions, along with Corey Stagner and T.J. Dalisay, all Jacksonville natives, have been dedicating time to their project for One Spark 2015. “We want to see our downtown flourish,” Kane said.

“We are working very hard to get this app pumped out,” Kane said about his team’s preparation for One Spark. “We are excited to engage with people and see the app in action.”

The DTJax app operates with the use of an iBeacon. That’s a new software that distributes signals via low-energy Bluetooth from businesses directly to users’ cell phones. When a phone recognizes the signal, it will display an alert through the DTJax app that allows the user to access information including a business’s prices for products and reviews. The app also allows payment to businesses.  The DTJax app will not collect any personal information.

During One Spark, ifTrue Solutions plans to place 50 to 75 iBeacons across every major intersection around the One Spark map and select businesses and restaurants. ifTrue Solutions is matched with Chamblin’s Uptown as their venue for the festival, and Kane believes this will give them the optimal opportunity to show visitors their app in action.

“We are trying to work with the smaller stores and boutiques,” Kane said. ifTrue Solutions plans to partner with a review company, such as Yelp, and users will also be able to post a review  while they are at the establishment directly to the app. “This is going to make it more personable for the customers,” Kane said.

“The beauty of our platform is we can live update,” Kane said. “At night, during One Spark After Dark, we can completely change the app to be solely focused on that event. We really want to create that component of what is happening right now in downtown.”

Kane will be updating the app as he sees which parts of downtown seem to have the most entertainment going on. As users approach the area, the iBeacon will transmit signals to the phone to alert users where beer and food are being served.

ifTrue Solutions hopes to receive $100,00 from crowdfunding to further invest in development of the app.

“Through our app, we are able to pull analytics for companies,” Kane said.” We can see how many people visit the company, how long they stay, what they look at on the site.”

The DTJax app is the first iBeacon technology to be used in Jacksonville. “No one has really taken off with it yet,” Kane said. “There’s nothing quite like what we are doing.”

The app will be free to users and will eventually be available on Android devices. ifTrue Solutions will make money by partnering with companies, and the charge will come on that side of the business plan and not on the consumer side. Developers plan for the app to be a combination of review sites like Yelp with each company’s individual website to provide all of the information a consumer could need when entering an establishment.

The DTJax app is currently available for download at the iPhone app store and will be active throughout One Spark 2015.

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  1. Great post Girly. Thanks for sharing.In fact, many experts today are of the opinion that one of the most exciting use case of beacons – the ‘Smart City’, is yet to come. Beacons, with their ability to bring digital intelligence to physical spaces offer great potential to improve urban living and enable smarter cities. It is really interesting to hear how
    DTJax App plans to use beacons bring Jacksonville Skyline back to life. In fact, brands these days are being so innovative with ideas around beacons that few of them have come up with innovative implementations that simplify our daily lives. For example, Carrot hunger app, is a calorie counting app employs beacons to help you eat less, while Elevate is another app that uses beacons to allow you to monitor productivity. We’ve compiled a list of 4 such apps here: http://blog.mobstac.com/2015/03/4-ways-beacons-ensure-you-lead-a-smart-life/

    • Thank you Devika!
      I agree with you.iBeacon technology is truly future with all of its features. The idea of ‘Smart City’ has also always been so overwhelming. I think it will be a great idea to deplloy iBeacon technology nowadays.

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