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Does Windows 10 Support With iBeacon?

Since iBeacon functionality is getting bigger and wider, great apps have been created fro iOS and Android user. These apps make iBeacon works better by integrating it to Backend as a Service. It is also helpful for many business especially in retail and improving in-store experience.

By this functionality that is getting better and better, many people have asked about does iBeacon also work in windows. This question showed up because they have read about many articles saying that the apps can be download in App Store or Play Store. The truth is, apps can be enjoyed by everyone. iBeacon works with Bluetooth version 4, if your phone support with bluetooth smart then you can enjoy iBeacon functionality. More good news is Windows 10 is joining to support bluetooth beacon.

This technology can be used by businesses to transmit information and ads to their customers in the stores or other public locations. Offers, promotions, discount coupons , personal messages or other information can be transmitted using these Bluetooth signals.

Apple iBeacon technology is already quite developed and iPhone users are accustomed to this interaction. Windows 10 running on PCs, phones and tablets will include beacons support so all devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE will be able to automatically launch the associated applications and interact with businesses.

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  1. and what are you basing this assumption on? Where is your proof? People claimed the same about Windows 8.1 and then it came out and there was no iBeacon support. So show us some proof or stop spreading unsubstantiated rumors.

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