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Customers Engagement With Push Notification

What define a good business? Is it from the product or is it from the customers who keep coming back?

They both related. Good product will make your customer keep coming back and make your business better. It is an evidence if some products are not sold, there must be some mistakes in selling. Bad service can affect the business too. If your customers satisfied with your service it will make them feel happy to come back again someday. Once your customers satisfied with your service, your business will grow better.

Business will do the best in engaging their customers. Start from giving the best service, offers, discount, until doing big marketing and promotion for their product. Some business who done it perfectly succeed, some others are not. The failure mostly because people is not really interested with the campaign or service they given. By wrapping the campaign with the most exciting way, it can help marketing and promotion business.

Push notification

Push Notification is one of many features that can be used in marketing and help many business grow their product. With push notification, customers can frequently receive notification about any product they want. Push notification also can make the customers feel special by getting update about their favorite products. Push Notification effectively help business to engage their loyal customers.

How push notification works is not something that is really difficult right now. Especially, iBeacon is the new generation of technology that has helped mostly marketing and promotion is business. iBeacon can do push notification with bluetooth signal. it transmits signal and every smartphone that caught the signal will get notification. Not only a notification but also information about the product, discount, offers, and even greet them with your service.

This is how engaging customers is easy with iBeacon. It only requires bluetooth signal and BaaS setting then your campaign is ready to send. Customers will get easy access to your service and product. You can create app and manage your campaign with the app. All set in BaaS.

Cubeacon BaaS is an easy step to create app for your iBeacon. It has many features for your iBeacon. Cubeacon BaaS can help you choose the campaign you want. Text, image, URL, or even HTML Template for your campaign. You can also schedule your campaign. Cubeacon BaaS can also set the range of iBeacon signal. It can be set in near or far distance. Cubeacon BaaS can also set every iBeacon device.

Interested in installing iBeacon to engage tour customers? Visit www.cubeacon.com to get the right beacon for your business. Cubeacon provides iBeacon hardware and BaaS. Cubeacon is a one stop solution for iBeacon developer.

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