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Current Topic: Internet of Things

Current topic that has been talked this day is Internet of Things (IoT). Although it has been being the talk since years before, 2015 has been a great year where everyone is building IoT infrastructure. IoT company has been growing so big. They are making devices that is suitable for IoT.

David Pierce on Wired wrote that making all IoT devices work together is going to be harder than we thought.

“Apple has Homekit; Google has Brillo and Nest; Microsoft has Windows; Samsung has SmartThings. There’s Wemo and Wink and Zigbee and Z-Wave and Thread and I’m not even making any of these up. You can control some things with your fitness tracker, some with a universal remote, and pretty much all of them with your phone. Some of the protocols overlap and support each other; others are more exclusive. But there’s no simple plug-and-play option, no way to walk out of Best Buy with something you know is going to work.”


Aside from many challenges in developing IoT, the way how we are going to manage them all is also gonna be challenge. I mean, it is not funny if we need many different devices if we’re just going to turn on our light bulb. Or isn’t it weird when you have to install 3 different things in your house when you just wanna open the door. If you know what I mean.

Frank Gillett, a vice president and analyst at research firm Forrester, said that people mostly buy single products for a single purpose. “It works if you have a specific headache,” he says. “I want to lock my door, or I want to feed my pet.” He calls these app-cessories. “As a shelf item in an Apple Store or Best Buy, it works. But if you want to make those things sing and dance together, forget it.”

Our homes are going to get smarter. But it’s going to happen slowly, Gillett says, at the rate we’d upgrade our homes anyway. “None of us want to go out and do home renovations just to get a dang smart home,” he says. We won’t run out just to buy a smart crock-pot or refrigerator, but the next time we’re shopping for one—which could be a decade from now—we might buy the connected one.

Renovate house is not really that easy. Especially if you want to renovate your house into a smart home. There is going to be a huge amount of money you will spend in building smart home. But sure some people will buy them anyway.

We’ve seen that 2015 has been a great core in IoT infrastructure, and we’ll see in 2016 is going to be bigger. The tracks have been laid. Maybe it’ll be 2016, maybe the year after, but the train is coming. It’ll have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and probably eight other things, and you’ll definitely get a push notification when it gets here.

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