Cubeacon is one of beacon products out there in the market, produced by Eyro Digital Teknologi Ltd. The emergence of these products can be referred from one of the newest innovation from Apple Inc., which is Ibeacon. Ibeacon is a technology for smartphones that let the user knows about information regarding their location that transmitted from a beacon. The consumers of this product mainly are restaurant, cafes, and also retailer shops.

How Cubeacon Works?

As you know, a beacon is a small wireless device that constantly transmitted radio signals to nearby smartphone products, including tablets. When the phone receives the signal, Ibeacon will immediately give you notifications, from greeting, discount promotions, or advertisement of new products. With the management advanced technology from Cubeacon, you can get those notifications from 10 meters range. For more information, you can go to the website on This website is very interactive, especially for those who want to know how actually Cubeacon works in a simple way. Very suitable for everyone that wants to absorb much information in this digital era in a fast way.

Specifications of Cubeacon Products

Cubeacon products are having a built-in Bluetooth 4.0. chip, known as Bluetooth low energy (BLE). With this advanced technology, it can broadcasts signal around 10 meters range. For energy usage, these products only need one battery per year, very efficient between the other beacons. All of the products also already covered with PP material case housing with sticky side, so you can put these beacons everywhere easily. With its Software as a Service (SaaS), you can also manage these beacons well, especially to fill them with necessary useful information for your consumers. Besides that, all of these beacons can enhance the use of mobile payment for your consumers, which is amazing.

Reasons for Choose Cubeacon

We believe that Cubeacon is the best brand for beacon in its area, due to the fact that many shops use these beacons until now. With its efficient energy usage, the cost of the maintenance for a beacon from Cubeacon is not that big, compared to its function. With immediate notifications for all smartphone users that already installed Ibeacon, everyone can know your discount promotions and also advertisement of your store new products. This kind of mechanism will become the effective advertisement for your potential consumers; especially those people that maybe only have intention to walk around your stores at the first time. By using these products, we can guarantee that these beacns will enhance your store’s revenue in an efficient way.

There are our reviews for Cubeacon products. So if you really consider your store’s profit and also want to push your store’s sales to further level than your current condition, consider to put some investment in these products, because they will not disappointing you. Give it a try!


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