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Cubeacon Implementation in Logistic Container

Logistic Container is an arrangement of shipping containers within a vessel or transport mode. A logistics plan may include the order in which containers must be loaded, along with the cargo handling and freight securing instructions.

These days container is mostly using disposable lock security seal.  This lock seal is hoped to secure their transportation or shipment using container. It can only be used once and has unique number to differ each container. This seal number and the container number is combined and become a guideline for CCO to manage the containers. For example, a container with certain number should be placed in the exact place. In this case moving container to CY can be so confusing for CCO also for export-import division.


The disposable lock security seal beside it is used for security, it is also used for daily check. CCO and export-import division have to check each containers. With many of containers being checked, sometimes some container is mistreated because for each container CCO has to check container number and security seal container to match them with their data. This manual operation can sometime mistaken. Cubeacon comes to help logistic container identification becomes easier. The implementation of iBeacon technology itself has been used for logistic business.


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Cubeacon, with iBeacon technology, will transmit Bluetooth signal and integrate with certain apps in the smartphone or any smart device that is compatible with Bluetooth version 4. Container number and data can be set in Cubeacon and it will be automatically detected to check containers’ details.

Cubeacon Developer Kit has to be deployed first in each container. An apps has to be installed to integrate with beacon. After that, set the containers data in Cubeacon Backend as a Service (BaaS). With this technology, CCO does not have to use manual data to check each container. Smart device, when it caught Cubeacon signal, will received containers details. This will ease the container identification process and lessen mistreated.


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