The modern technology can definitely be used to improve experience in using various items. Cubeacon is known to be the product of modern technology that will enhance experience of various things. First of all, let’s learn more about this technology called Cubeacon. What is Cubeacon? This is a Bluetooth device that will notify the Bluetooth device about its presence within precised distance with maximum range of 10 meters. The device can be used continuously for a year by jus using one battery. Cubeacon is meant to work with mobile devices mainly from Apple Inc.

What are the features that can be found in the application of this device? The basic features are as the followings:

  • Analytics
  • Apps Integration
  • Brochures Upload
  • Campaign Management
  • Cloud Server
  • Easy Manage hundred iBeacon
  • Maps Management
  • oAuth Secure
  • Simple SDK Code

By using Cubeacon, there will be a lot of people who receive benefits. Both sellers and buyers will be able to get fair share of benefits. These features are meant to connect sellers and buyers in the more practical way and let buyers to shop in easier way as well.

For sellers, the features in Cubeacon will allow them to promote the products they have to the potential buyers around the shops. Whenever Cubeacon signal is detected, mobile devices users will be able to check on advertisements about the latest offers from the shops. The advertisements might have text, images, reviews as well as videos. Sellers can upload brochures to be seen immediately through Cubeacon. There is no need to stand outside for hours to spread out the brochures directly. Cubeacon will deliver the electronic brochures to the potential buyers who pass the shops and detect the Bluetooth signal sent by the Cubeacon.

For buyers, the features will help in shopping time. The maps management will help buyers to organize a list of maps for the favorite shops. Buyers will be able to get the very useful information about discounts just by scanning with their Bluetooth devices within the range of Cubeacon. Buyers can also pay for the goods they bought by using the option of mobile payment. Shopping will become a lot easier for many people. Of course, for the time being, the usage is quite limited but the benefits are real. This is the modern technology that will change the way shopping is done furthermore.


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iBeacon Tech: Cubeacon and the Usefulness in Modern Shopping · July 25, 2014 at 9:37 am

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